Ristorante “Il Postin”

    “Good food and good wine, is the Paradise on Earth”

    Il Postin was born from ancient traditions. 150 years ago, The Pra Family began to engage in the hospitality sector.

    A succession of passionate and compentent chefs combined with the perseverance of our anchestors made it possible to state our restaurant. Traditional dishes winners of prizes and modern states make our à la carte list a combination between past and innovation.

    Il Postin restaurant is the flagship of Hotel alla Posta. The dishes are created by the Chef Daniele and guests are welcomed by the sommelier Tommaso. This is a unique experience in the Dolomites.

    The ambience is elegant, the dishes are made with selected ingredient and there is a wide list of prestigious wines. Our cuisines take also care to special needs of clients. Not only traditional menus that celebrated the history of our hotel nut also vegetarian and gluten free dishes.